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The Well decides your fate.

Sadie Jean Parker spent the first 17 years of her life alone, save for infrequent visits with her mother and the town librarian. A seemingly endless cycle of quiet meals and rustling pages… that ends a week before her 17th birthday.

A strange man appears in her dreams, insisting she enter the Well ahead of her scheduled time. But why would she trust a stranger, a mere dream? Why would she risk her only chance of being chosen by the Well?

Despite her doubts, Sadie’s gut tells her to trust him. And that trust earns her passage through the Well into Magor, the realm of magic. A realm where everything – friendship, the weather, magic – is so shiny and new.

But the sparkles of novelty are quick to fade, and Sadie learns just how dangerous magic can be in the hands of those who seek only to abuse it.

The Seal of Words tells the tale of a young woman discovering her voice and using it to help those forced into silence. Along the way, she finds love and purpose in a world to which she was never supposed to belong.

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